Welcome to WRAPTstyle

Behind the Brand

Let me introduce myself and the mindset behind every product in the brand.
My name is Astin. I am a wife, mother, and lover of accessories.

As a self-proclaimed “lazy natural”, I had so much trouble finding hair accessories that could fit the volume of my hair, were easy to wear and style, and smooth to protect my hair from friction and fairy knots. Naturally,  I busted out my sewing machine, and got to work to create the products I needed.  WRAPTstyle was created with natural hair in mind - all our products are gentle, versatile, adjustable, and cute :). 


PROTECT YOUR HAIR: Our satin and satin-lined products glide over hair. Satin reduces friction and doesn't pull moisture from your hair like cotton materials, this cuts down on those dreaded “fairy knots” and dry brittle edges.

Our products are also LOW tension (WRAPTscrunchies) or adjustable to protect your hair from tension alopecia. 

ADJUST WITH NATURAL HAIR IN MIND:  Our wraps and headbands are fully adjustable with the changing shape of natural hair in mind. Whether you are rocking an afro or braid down style, the stretch jersey and satin fabric stretches to accommodate hair of all sizes. Teeny-weenie afro or braided down, just keep wrapping for a snug fit. If you need more room just give it a few less twists.

STYLE EASILY: You do not have to be a natural hair guru or headwrap connoisseur to quickly style our wrap into a cute style in under a minute. We recommend the top knot style and the turban twist wrap style.

CLEANED EASILY: With so many concerns with germs during these unprecedented times, we wanted to ensure our products were easy to wash. We recommend using a “lingerie bag” and washing on the gentle/delicate cycle. Hang dry for best results and keep your wrap looking like new.

STYLE in MANY WAYS - VERSATILE: Our headwrap can be twisted into a variety of styles. Turbans, top-knot, or even a headband all in one. This is the only head wrap you'll need.