Welcome to WRAPTstyle


  • Can I wash my wrap or headband? Of course! For best result hand-wash in cold water and hang dry. Pro Tip: Tossing your wrap in a “delicates” bag before putting it in the wash can keep it looking like new.
  • My scrunchies aren't fluffy. What should I do? Sometimes scrunchies get "smooshed" in transit. Just wash on gentle cycle and dry on the lowest setting, they'll fluff right up. 
  • What if I have a problem with my order? Feel free to contact us immediately at info@wraptstyle.com if you have a problem. We will get in contact with you immediately and solve the issue. and we will get you taken care of.
  • Where can I find you on social media? You can find and follow us on all major platforms @wraptstyle. Please use #wraptstyle to show us how you rock your WRAPTstyle headwrap.
  • How do I style this thing? Well, the only limit is your imagination but a step-by-step for the classic styling can be found in our tutorial video (Styling Tutorial) and in the image below. Feel free to contact us if you need any additional help.  
  • Turban tutorial